We believe that boating safety is of paramount importance when it comes to a positive boating experience.  The Melbourne Boat Show has partnered with a number of organisations and government bodies to assist boaters and the general public with questions and information regarding safe boating practices and be up-to-date on rules and regulations.


Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is a not-for-profit organisation that is composed entirely of volunteers.  It conducts search and rescue operations in addition to education and training, community outreach and awareness activities such as boat license testing, radio monitoring, and safety patrols.  In Victoria, there are currently 22 flotillas.


Transport Safety Victoria - Maritime Safety Victoria

As a branch of Transport Safety Victoria, Maritime Safety Victoria work closely with vessel operators and waterway and port managers to provide expert knowledge, education, support and direction.


Victorian Water Police

The Water Police has the primary role of coordinating all marine incidents involving recreational vessels, yachts, fishing vessels and commercial vessels in port. These incidents often involve overdue vessels, flare sightings, broken down boats, missing divers, injured crewmembers and distress calls.


Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria is a statutory authority, created by the Parks Victoria Act 1998 and reporting to the Minister.

Parks Victoria is responsible for managing an expanding and diverse estate covering more than 4 million hectares, or about 17 percent, of Victoria.


Roads & Maritime Services

Roads and Maritime is a delivery agency within Transport for NSW.

It delivers projects and programs to reliably and safely improve the movement of people and goods by various transport modes, including through the road and freight network, NSW waterways, the public transport network and active transport such as cycling and pedestrian networks.