V8 Supercar Stars to attend Boat Show

V8 Supercar racing brothers Todd and Rick Kelly, have been announced as ambassadors of the 2015 Melbourne Boat Show and will bring one of their high powered race boats to display.

Whilst Todd and Rick spend their work week and many weekend racing their high performance Nissan V8 Supercars around Australia and New Zealand, they love nothing more that hitting the water in their spare time.

'As a family growing up in Mildura we were always on the boats. Skiing, racing, relaxing and even fishing. It's a great way to relax, spend time with friends and family and just get away from the pressures of business and work.' said Todd Kelly.

As quite possibly Australia's fastest brothers, the Kelly's will both appear at the 2015 Melbourne Boat Show and will have on display one of their favourite race boats and if the schedule permits, we may even get to see a race car.

Stay tuned for more as the 2015 Melbourne Boat Show gets closer.